A letter to…


I guess this letter is a long time coming. There is no rhyme, nor reason as to why I’m writing this now. It just kind of feels…right.

I’m writing to thank you. Unusual I know; considering. But I’m writing to thank you for everything you did for me.

Thank you for not turning up sometimes, it prepared me for future disappointment.

Thank you for forgetting things that were important to me, it taught me that the world doesn’t revolve around me.

Thank you for making me doubt your feelings, it set me up for future heartbreaks.

Thank you for leaving, it showed me that women can stand alone.

Thank you for twisting my words, it made me see who my friends are.

Thank you for shutting me out, it made me fight harder.

Thank you for breaking my heart, it made the pieces stronger.

Thank you for wasting my time, it made me see I deserved more.

Thank you for casting me aside, it made me realise I was cared for more than I knew.

Thank you for exploiting and manipulating me, it gave me lived experience and taught me resilience.

Thank you for being you, it’s teaching me how to trust & care intensely again.


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