Awards Galore

Happy new week lovelies! I don’t know about you but I am really feeling the impact of these short days. Hence why I was sat tapping away on a Sunday after watching Blue Planet 2 and eating too much pizza!

Recently I got a twitter notification from a certain @whatabbiesays_ (she is such a stalker) tagging me in to a blog of hers. So obviously I clicked through and read it (I mean, she doesn’t have to tag me, I read her stuff anyway!) The blog itself (which you can read here) was her response to a nomination for a bloggers recognition award and my tag was her nominating me for the same thing.

image2 (2)

Now, Abbie and I have been “twitter friends” for a very long time and I don’t even remember how it came about.  She is one of the good eggs and I genuinely count her among my friends now, despite FAILING miserably at meeting up! Her little bit about me made me cry happy tears, (THANKS Abbie for making me cry, again!)  She is one of the reasons I am back blogging again and I think she puts up with more of my life drama than most!! Love love love.

Anyway, enough about Abbie, back to the reason I am writing this… well, I am actually going to be super cheeky because I am going to cram 2 award nomination posts into 1! I was tagged in a post by Girl in Islington (who was part of thesaurus gate) for a Versatile Blogger Award as one of her favourite blogs (what a sweetie!!) so this is my response to BOTH of those!

image1 (3)

How gorgeous is this pic?! Ibiza sunset!

The “rules” vary for each award but the gist is:

  1. Write a blog post thanking the person that nominated you.
  2. Share some info about you and why you blog/advice for other bloggers (The versatile blog award is a 7 facts about you post)
  3. Nominate fifteen other bloggers and let them know you’ve nominated them too.


If you have been with me from the beginning (I mean the REAL beginning when I was over on Musings of a Misguided Mind – and yes, that WAS a good blog name!) you will know that I started blogging back in 2011 (holy smokes!) and was inspired by a guy I was dating. You can check out the 1st proper post here.  I blog so sporadically and about so many different things I am not even sure I class myself as a “blogger” but hey, people read and respond to my stuff soooooo…

I used my musings blog as a record of my first trip to Kenya and I LOVE reading that back from time to time. Personally, I believe my writing has come on a LOT since then but my values have always remained the same.  I think this is what makes me such a sporadic blogger (well, that and the fact that I get annoyed at taking pictures!) I refuse to write about just anything and want to write about stuff I love.  This would be one of my tips to anyone who wants to start writing, don’t write for the sake of it; write because you want to share what you love with others.

I think my second piece of advice would be don’t write for the free stuff. Honestly, in my entire time blogging I have been VERY lucky to be given some AMAZING freebies but that is NOT why I write. I engage with a whole bunch of rugby brands and yep that comes with major perks but I would engage of them if I got no freebies (Canterbury, if you are reading this…the 6 nations are coming up…*kidding* obvs)

That is kind of it for me. I have a whole bunch of blogs planned, including rants, recipes and reviews (like my alliteration there?)  and I would LOVE you to keep reading. Let me know what you love (and hate) about my blog in the comments.

Finally, a whole bunch of people who I ADORE in the world of blogging, ALL (but one) of whom I got to know via Twitter and then started reading their content and loved them more.  I don’t read enough blogs really so I think this list will be less than 15 but I will do my best! I have linked to their Twitter and blog so you can check them out to.

  • First up – Alice Spake of Annie Writes Beauty. This woman. Oh she makes me so happy. I have followed Alice for a LONG time on Twitter from when I crashed a thread about Wine and a little hashtag called #WineNot. She has recently become a mummy to the most gorgeous little boy and watching her grow (both in blogging and with bump) has been amazing!
  • Following from Alice is her LOVELY fiancé and baby daddy Arran AKA Haloofthoughts. His love for Alice makes him one of my favourite people on Twitter and his blog content is great. Watching him start up as a blogger was cool and now seeing him become a daddy – SO CUTE!
  • The Middle Aged Man is next. I connected with Robbie when I was last in Kenya, got chatting and now he regularly puts up with me telling him how jealous I am of his Scottishness and he mocks me for my love of Finn. His content is fab and really varied. A really wonderful male blogger.
  • Vix Meldrew (with her self named blog) takes my next recommendation. If you are not following this woman you bloody well should be. Her frank and funny posts on all things dating make me giggle and her openness about her life is really refreshing.
  • Next up is 2 Men About Town, but more specifically Suburban Gent. I “met” SG on Twitter (through a bunch of dating bloggers surprisingly) and find his tweets are really easy to relate to.  The blog (which he shares with @RobsRibsMK) is packed full of food, drink, activity and travel posts and is beautifully written with some stunning pics. The boys get to do some REALLY cool stuff so be prepared for some serious jealousy if you do read their posts! (SO many links in this one!)
  • I guess I should probably mention Sam Squire next. Sam and I have SUCH a giggle on twitter together. We connected just before his trip to Ibiza (with Middle Aged Man) and he is one of the VERY few people who can call me Gem and not annoy me. His content is focused more towards males than females but I actually love reading his stuff no matter what. His photos are beautiful too. Ask him about that time he dated a celebrity 😉
  • A NEW blogger is next up and she is an actual REAL LIFE FRIEND (so no Twitter link)! My beautiful Claire who I have known since my 1st year of uni has just started blogging and her content is SO informative. It is an eclectic mix of health stuff (endometriosis, mental health) and just bits about her life, I know that some baking posts are coming soon too.
  • Finally, a bit of a left field one here but it is another blog I sometimes write for. #rugbyunited is the rugby organisation I do some work for (I have been a bit shit at it recently but have a big plan up my sleeve) It is MAINLY written by Rich but we do have guest bloggers on occasion. As the name suggests, the content is ALL rugby related but this includes stash reviews, competitions and fantasy league stuff.

Now if I haven’t mentioned your blog please don’t be offended, it doesn’t mean I don’t love your content, it is just that I read content so blooming sporadically!

If I HAVE mentioned your blog, well, you don’t have to do anything but if you do want to write an “acceptance” post then please do! And TAG ME IN! I would love to read yours J

Much love x


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