Well hi again guys. The kind of unplanned kind of needed blog hiatus is OVER! I am back writing and back loving life post dissertation.

So, since my last blog a million things have occurred, I finished my degree, got myself a job, haven’t found a boyfriend (surprise surprise!) have baked the BEST cake I have ever made and bought a SHIT TONNE of make up.

I was going to make this post a makeup review of some of the Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks but some recent shit has gone down on social media that I couldn’t ignore. So sorry guys, the review is postponed and you have a rant instead. Warning…foul language ahead

So, I have been friends with one particular blogger on twitter for a MINIMUM of 3 years (yes Alice, that long!) and it all started from a hashtag. #winenot to be precise. I have watched Alice grow as a blogger (seriously people, if you do not already follow her/read her blog…DO IT), and see how bloody supportive she is of other bloggers. Whether they are established, just starting out or, like me are having a reboot Alice will be there to give them a boost.  Unless they are a complete DICK.

This is where the rant starts…

Now, Alice also has a wonderful fiancé (still new, I almost wrote boyfriend) who is also part of the blogging community which is cool.  He was randomly blocked by a certain “hub” a while back and today, the ass wipe that runs said “hub” started a slanging match.  I am not going to go into details as I can’t be arsed (and I am sure you have seen it) but this person, who in the past has slagged off women who is overweight, has been really rather unsupportive of bloggers who struggle with anxiety and has been a less than nice person in general.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident.  I have seen it with another blogger recently who chose to slag off feminism, bitching about bloggers awards and being a general sourpuss.

The blogging community has mainly been lovely. I have met some fascinating people, made some good friends and gain some DAMN good beauty tips!  Why the FUCK do some people feel like they are above others. Why do they feel the need to BRING DOWN other people, other bloggers like that?  Do they not realise how much it makes people worry about putting their writing out there?  If you do not agree with something written then fine, say it, in a constructive way of course because otherwise you are being a dick.  If you feel the need to put women down for how they look…look in the fucking mirror!

The blogging community is usually a lovely one to be involved in. I love my #winenot girls and the others I have started talking to more recently.  But seeing this harassment unfold on my twitter is making me sad.  Alice for one is NOT a ‘troll’ and I get bloody defensive when people are dicks to my mate.

I have personally chosen to not associate with the people who are causing blogging a bad name.  I do not write for anything more than my love of writing, and makeup, and baking.  Friends made along the way are a massive bonus but any drama can go jump!

Rant over. I promise a positive one next time