Hi, my name is Gemma and I’m addicted to Benefit. There. I said it.

If you follow me on Twitter you would already have known this fact anyway.  I adore them, their makeup just SUITS me, the packaging is adorable and their customer service is delightful. Most days I am not sure what I would do without them to be honest!
Today’s post isn’t about their makeup. Or their skin care. Or even their perfume (Laugh with me Lee Lee is my fave, just FYI). No, today is about their charity work.
Last year I spotted the campaign “Brow Arch March”. Dubbed as women’s answer to Movember.  The idea behind this campaign was to use women’s obsession with their eyebrows (we spend over £2.3 BILLION a year on them!!) to help raise money for charity.
Throughout March, Benefit brow bars within Debenhams offered free brow shapes but asked for a donation of at least £5. All money raised went to “Look Good, Feel Better” a charity which offers make up master classes to help women combat the visible signs of cancer.
It was this campaign which started my love affair with benefit brow bar.
Fast forward a year and I was eagerly anticipating this years Brow Arch March. March came and went, no Brow Arch. BUT WAIT….Benefit launched #BoldIsBeautiful, this years brow shaping, charity fundraising event.
So, what is the #BoldIsBeautiful campaign?
This year Benefit have not only teamed up with “Look Good, Feel Better” but also the domestic violence charity Refuge. Throughout May, if you get your brows done at a Benefit Brow Bar, 100% of the profits will go to these two amazing charities. So not only will you look great you will be DOING great too!
And, if donating to charity isn’t a good enough feeling in itself, you will get a FREE FULL SIZE Gimmie Brow as a thank you. How cool is that?!
As a Debenhams beauty card holder with a birthday in May, I would usually get my may shape for free but I for one will be paying for mine to be wowed this may!
To find your nearest participating brow bar just click here.
Let me see your brows once you have had them done 🙂 I will be posting mine up on Twitter using the #BoldIsBeautiful tag of course!!!  And keep your eyes peeled for more benefit related blogs, as you now know, I am addicted!